Zuckerberg Calls for Community Self-Governance


January 11, 2020 10:09 pm

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Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO stated that the digital world needs oversight, highlighting government regulation as a potential solution but calling community self-governance “another and perhaps even better way.”

Zuckerberg’s Facebook post added:

“One of the big questions for the next decade is: how should we govern the large new digital communities that the internet has enabled.” 

Mark also explained his focus for the coming decade, mentioning several topics, including digital governance. He pointed to social media operations, including Facebook, essentially saying that the ecosystem could not be without compromises in ideals. 

He explained:

“[L]ike between free expression and safety, or between privacy and law enforcement, or between creating open systems and locking down data and access. t’s rare that there’s ever a clear ‘right’ answer, and in many cases, it’s as important that the decisions are made in a way that feels legitimate to the community. From this perspective, I don’t think private companies should be making so many important decisions that touch on fundamental democratic values.”

In September 2019, the CEO also revealed that Facebook is proceeding with a careful approach to Libra. While talking to Asia-based news outlet Nikkei, Mark seemed to show a rare display of fear in the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny of Libra

Governments from around the world have been trying to regulate Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency since its whitepaper was published several months ago. Most of the governments were afraid if Libra could undermine fiat currency systems.

Zuckerberg said:

“Part of the approach and how we’ve changed is that now when we do things that are going to be very sensitive for society, we want to have a period where we can go out and talk about them and consult with people and get feedback and work through the issues before rolling them out.”

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