You can have Bitcoin Domain for $2.75 Million

Nishanth Shetty

November 30, 2017 1:45 pm

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Bitcoin Enters the Public Domain

The bitcoin brand is growing in tandem with its market cap, with enterprising vendors cashing on the cryptocurrency craze. The of a memorable bitcoin domain will require digging deep thought to have a desirable URL. While the bitcoin domains have already been snapped up (you’re looking at one of them), is still available for $350,000. Just before two weeks, it was costed at $275,000 providing that bitcoin’s upward trajectory really drag everything towards the sky.

Domain provider Unregistered has a host of bitcoin-based title available to affluent buyers to spend money to declare their desire their intent. For attracting the customers who cannot quite stretch to’s $350k price tag, which can be bought for just $2,8880.

Did Someone Say Blockchain?


The blockchain is one of the conscious ones this year’s buzzwords for better or worse. So it’s not surprising that Blockchain-based names are attracting more premiums. Considering the $ 2.75 million out-of-the-box requirements to get someone had a killer app by using the best Bitcoin underlying ledger to repay their investment.

The follower of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, at the same time, may be tempted to hand over the  $8,500 it will take to secure

Bitcoins Are Scarce, Bitcoin Domains Likewise


Just because a domain is advertised for an exorbitant price does not mean there it is going to be a taker. It will be very hard to imagine anyone suffering from the $1.5 million required for such dot-coms as cryptocurrencyoffers, cryptocurrencyhacked, or cryptocurrencyvillas.

Bitcoin may command the highest cryptocurrency market cap, but when it comes to domains, it is the second most valuable coin. As of now, Etherum is dominating the domain game. If anybody wants to host their WordPress blog on will be required to pay $10 million. While that particular URL has yet to be snapped up, went for a reported $2 million back in October.

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