Women belonging to the Crypto Space discuss their Accomplishments


March 15, 2018 12:58 pm

Women belonging to the Crypto Space discuss their Accomplishments | Coindelite News
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New York Times quotes Women not active in the Cryptocurrency industry

The New York Times recently announced a feature story about the unwelcoming “blockchain bros” that has been specially set up for the women in the cryptocurrency space.

The article explores a marketing campaign which is used by blockchain startups featuring sexually explicit images of women clad in bikinis. A mention of the North American Bitcoin conference was held back in January where 84 male speakers participated along with three women only.  This official conference was held at a Miami strip club. The article also mentions that according to an estimate, women account for only 4-6 percent of blockchain investors.

Some women from the cryptocurrency industry were disappointed by this unfortunate news. The article loses its focus by highlighting many negative aspects for women in the crypto space rather than what women and men want to read about, the accomplishments and strides being made by females in the crypto industry.

The founder of a start-up investment firm Future Perfect Ventures, Jalak Jobanputra, was one among the women to be quoted by New York Times shared her opinion.

Jobanputra Said:

“What I was saddened about in the article was that we weren’t discussing the actual work that women were doing in the sector. During my five years of investing in the space, I’ve come across brilliant women, and more and more as time goes on who is involved in regulatory conversations and starting new companies in the sector. I’d like to see these women highlighted”

Another woman, the founder of Day One Ventures, Masha Drokova said:

“The attitude towards women in the cryptocurrency space is much better then the article describes. In fact, I believe that no one cares about your gender. They only care if you can deliver or not. The crypto space is not about gender, but more about your energy, professionalism, and speed. As a female investor and professional, I never felt more appreciated and supported in any industry than in blockchain.”