Visa Declined to Process Cryptocurrency Transactions

Suzette Paulsen

January 20, 2018 6:10 am

Visa Declined to Process Cryptocurrency Transactions | Coindelite News
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The cryptocurrency transactions have been declined by Visa

Visa CEO was recently interviewed and in his interview, he mentioned that visa will no longer process any cryptocurrency Transactions

Visa CEO Alfred Kelly told:

“Our company would not process any transaction which is cryptocurrency-based, and will only entertain fiat currency-based transactions.”

Reacting on January 17 to an inquiry regarding cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin specifically, Kelly disclosed that because of bitcoin’s inconsistent value fluctuation, the digital resource does not as of now qualify as a “payment system player.”

He additionally said, the cryptocurrency that it is at present little more than “a product that some person could put resources into, and genuinely somewhat of a speculative commodity.” Today, a couple of merchants acknowledge cryptocurrency standards as a form of payment.

Value fluctuation, in any case, numerous crypto faithful have predicted that at least some cryptocurrency assets may become stable enough in value to fill in as a medium of exchange, at times joyfully theorizing that these advantages may some time or another make major money related foundations obsolete. Others in the space trust that regardless of whether cryptocurrency, in the long run, overshadow fiat currencies being used volume, financial giants will discover approaches to stay relevant.

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