Turkish Police Arrest 11 Wallet Account Hackers

Nishanth Shetty

November 5, 2018 1:47 pm

Crypto Hack

Turkish Police Arrest 11 Wallet Account Hackers | Coindelite News
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The cryptocurrency wallet hacks are one of the biggest threats in the cryptocurrency space. According to reports, the Turkish National Police and the Cybercrime team has arrested 11 criminals included in crypto account hacks. Victims have reported more than $80,000 in losses.

The report claims that 14 individuals have complained to the local police that their crypto wallets were hacked and Bitcoins were transferred to other wallets. The Istanbul police investigated a team of hackers who had compromised users’ emails, crypto wallets’ accounts data, and passwords.

Cybercrime officers tracked 11 people in various locations in Istanbul with the special operations department, Harekat police. Ten suspects were taken into custody, and one of them was released on the condition of “judicial control.” The police found two fake identity cards, 18 mobile phones, SIM cards, 22 memory sticks, and other items.

The Turkish prosecutors said that the amount of stolen Bitcoin is worth around 437,000 Turkish lira and more than $80,000. Hackers transferred the stolen crypto to multiple accounts in order to cover their tracks before selling them for fiat.

The cyber crime team has identified multiple suspects by tracking new SIM card numbers registered on crypto exchange accounts. Other hackers were traced while withdrawing stolen money from ATMs and banks, based on records by multiple security cameras. The report says that the investigation is still ongoing and the police are looking for more victims that fell prey to the hackers.

The number of hacking and scam incidents are increasing each day. Recently, A Canadian woman lost $48,000 over a Bitcoin ATM scam. The women had deposited 62,500 Canadian dollars into a bitcoin ATM. A man claiming as an officer at the Canada Revenue Agency called her and threatened her with an arrest order for not paying taxes. The victim thought that she owed taxes and deposited Bitcoins through an ATM to an anonymous Bitcoin address.

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