Tokyo’s Top Nightclubs To Accept Bitcoin Cash

Girish Chugh

March 7, 2019 1:13 pm

Tokyo's Top Nightclubs To Accept Bitcoin Cash
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Japan is among the countries with the most number of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users, making it the third densest region of the cryptocurrency accepting traders. This week one of the BCH supporters persuaded the owners of Tokyo-based luxury lounge Mezzo to start accepting BCH at three famous nightclubs within Tokyo.

According to the owners, Japanese clubs involving V2, Ele, Villa, and Mezzo’s food and beverage cafe Ruby will accept payments in BCH for drinks and services from April this year.

Go Clubbing with Bitcoin Cash

Owing to a zealous BCH enthusiast, four of the most upbeat nightclubs in Tokyo will start accepting bitcoin cash for drinks and amenities. Since the legalization of crypto payments in Japan two years ago, the country has become a hub for merchants and businesses operating in cryptocurrency.

Also, Japan is the third most popular region for BCH-accepting traders. An organizer of the Tokyo BCH meetup, Akane Yokoo, has convinced the owners of Mezzo to open doors of four other establishments (three nightclubs and one cafe) to Bitcoin Cash.

As explained by Yokoo, the BCH meetups in Tokyo are often held at the Mezzo luxury lounge in Roppongi and the club is regarded as one of the hottest bars in Gaien Higashi-Dori. Moreover, the club accepts BCH by using wallet, which indicates that the owners are accepting the crypto directly, instead of quickly selling it for yen with a payment processor.

The acceptance of Bitcoin cash in the popular establishments of Japan indicates a good sign for the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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