The Dream and FOAM to Map the World on Ethereum


June 8, 2018 12:37 pm

The Dream and FOAM to Map the World on Ethereum | Coindelite News
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FOAM Is Building Spatial Protocols, Standards And Applications That Bring Geospatial Data To Blockchain

While an increased reality mobile app used to gather funny-looking, digital critters could sound in a senseless (or useless) service to re-architect with blockchain, the developers at ethereum startup FOAM settle on making a fascinating case.

“The issue is that people lie about their location,” said Ryan John King, the co-founders, and CEO of FOAM. Utilizing a range of tutorials across the webs, a tech-astute Pokemon Go player might undoubtedly trick the game under speculation they’re in Hong Kong, getting every last one of new Pokemon there when generally they’re sitting for their apartment in Brooklyn, New York, he said.

That’ll be news on large portions since the vast majority individuals utilization GPS (the Global Positioning System) entirely on a daily basis.

“People think the location is a solved problem.”

But it dives past the way that smart Pokemon Go users might control the systems; King believes today’s GPS system, in its centralized type given by U.S government, is insecure and prone to failure.

As such, FOAM developers want to manufacture a technology that mirrors GPS but may be open technology that anybody can help. And to do this, the group needs a particular versatile map to the whole world, which they plan to devise with that assistance of ethereum smart contracts.

Throughout Ethereal, an artsy ethereum conference in New York City in May, the FOAM cooperation demoed their beta product, Spatial Index, which the website calls “across the middle of a Bloomberg trading terminal and Google Maps. “ The map demonstrates every last one of locations of radio beacons deployed by users, which are represented by smart contracts on the Rinkeby testnet, a duplicate of the ethereum blockchain utilized for testing purposes.

Also with that, FOAM that has joined any semblance of Golem and Augur as a project arousing fervour in the group to its exceptional use of the ethereum blockchain.

Coinbase specialist Jacob Horne is so interested he called the FOAM item “the base layer for entire new economies.” And ConsenSys designer Simon de la Rouviere said that re-reading the whitepapers “Just blows my mind again. “

Games and Much More

The mysteries behind FOAM’s fill-in is the organization’s “proof of location,” a cryptographic system for proving that a client has been at a specific location.

This method will be used to manufacture a tight location-based accumulation game, something that mixes the gameplay for Pokemon Go with that of CryptoKitties, the prominent ethereum-based application for buying, trading and reproducing digital cats – and the place where no one can cheat.

Speaking to this, King said, “We need something open source and horizontal and for anyone to plug into. With FOAM, you can build an app where you unlock a CryptoKitty only when you visit a particular location.”

Also, this idea is tempting to many, including Matt Condon, lead maintainer of ethereum library OpenZeppelin, who tweeted:

“I’m so, so excited for tokenized assets plus a proof-of-location protocol like FOAM. The real  Pokemon Go will be possible.”

And same time FOAM is beginning with games; the team supposes the technology has possibility a wide margin this use the event.

For instance, King believes the technology might be valuable for supply chain management too. Whether for nourishment or jewelry, developers, and entrepreneurs are looking to disturb the worldwide system of tracking consumer products for its life cycle with blockchains.

Similarly, as such, FOAM has started working with ethereum-based supply chain startup, Viant, which as of late demoed its item in the following fish from the waters of Fiji to the plates of Ethereal conference goers.

Technology and tokens

Will something all this work in practice? For low power extensive zone networks (LPWAN), another sort of mounting system utilized in a large number of internet-of-things devices.

LPWAN technology, which cost between $10 and $30, permits any individual to help FOAM’s map, radiating area majority of the data of the ethereum blockchain. And a critical amount of individuals have generally started participating, in spite of its significantly starting with coating the entire realities just yet. The Spatial Index beta does show that the clue meets expectations in the act.

“Deploying an LPWAN, just like a blockchain, is permissionless,” the FOAM blog post demonstrating the Spatial Index says.

Still, decentralizing area data has been on the minds of many for some time.

As such, FOAM believes its vital differentiator will be its crypto token – to be released through a token sale later this mid-year. To King, the token will incentivize individuals to send LPWAN and help area data to its service, moving existing location protocols, which have not succeeded in attracting a lot of users, forward.

As stated by FOAM co-founder and CTO Kristoffer Josefsson, though, the product will be at present far from the team’s vision. With the goal now, the stage is up and running on the ethereum testnet, and the less team is stress-testing the radio technology in exertion on a thought of the last determination.

Once that’s done, they’ll run the token sale, and then push FOAM to the ethereum manner.

King added:

“Then, everyone can be a cartographer and help come up with a consensus-driven map of the world.”