Tezos Partners with Singapore-based Firm Tribe


November 24, 2019 2:51 pm

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Tezos and Singapore government-backed blockchain platform Tribe recently partnered to launch a training program for developers on the Tezos blockchain. According to the blog post, Tezos’s non-profit arm Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA), which promotes Tezos in the region, partnered with Tribe in order to attract more developers to create Tezos blockchain-based solutions for real-world applications. The training program is set to roll out in the first quarter of 2020.

Caleb Kow, president of TSA, said:

“By enabling trainers with a good knowledge of Tezos blockchain technology, they will be able to amplify the impact in their respective teams through the continual transfer and sharing of knowledge to new learners.”

Tezos has already taken a strong interest in broadening its development community. Recently, the foundation released 14 new grants to applications built using Tezos smart contracts, Tezos block explorers, tools for smart contract development, Tezos-focused training resources and marketing initiatives that improve awareness of the ecosystem.

The Malaysian Ministry of Education also launched E-Skrol, an application developed on the NEM blockchain to deal with the issue of certificate fraud through using blockchain technology. The E-Skrol application intends to tackle the increasing cases of fake educational degrees in Malaysia, which can be obtained online from the so-called diploma mills.

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