TCS Launches Blockchain App Deployment Kit


December 17, 2019 12:28 am

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Multinational IT services firm has launched a blockchain app development kit (DevKit). TCS’s announcement states that the new Quartz DevKit is a low-code web-based integrated development environment that intends to allow enterprises to quickly build and deploy applications on any chosen blockchain in a simplified way.

The DevKit features expandable pre-built templates for platform setup, administration, deployment, platform security authentication, encryption, node, identity, and user management. TCS also states that this feature would allow programmers to write smart contracts 40% faster than without its DevKit.

Ramgopal Vivekanand, Global Quartz head at TCS said:

“Many of our customers, across industries, are leveraging blockchain technology to establish frictionless transactions across their extended ecosystem. We developed the Quartz DevKit to help their teams rapidly put together high-quality pilots using smart contracts on any platform with reduced coding effort. We have received very positive feedback from our pilot customers, and are pleased to make the DevKit available for use at scale.”

The DevKit is part of the Quartz solution and Quartz Gateway, which allows for the integration of existing solutions with blockchains and the Quartz Command Center ecosystem administration and monitoring tool. Quartz cites Hyperledger, Ripple, R3’s Corda and Ethereum as supported blockchains.

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