Swiss City Plans A Voting Pilot Utilizing Ethereum-Based IDs

Chirayu Choubisa

Chirayu Choubisa

June 12, 2018 12:08 pm

Swiss City Plans A Voting Pilot Utilizing Ethereum-Based IDs | Coindelite News
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The Swiss City Announces Blockchain Voting Pilot Using Ethereum-Based IDs

The Swiss City of Zug, also known for its proactive support of the blockchain industry, is starting a voting pilot that will base both residents’ IDs and polling system on the blockchain technology.

The city government stated in an announcement on Friday, the e-voting pilot, which will happen between 25th June and 1st July, has been created as a part of the city’s effort to use more blockchain applications and will tie in with a digital identity trial presently underway.

In July 2017, the city declared plans to start an ethereum-based application called “uport” to digitize local resident’s ID information. The pilot phase began in November and now has over 200 residents signed up for the new service, as per the announcement.

By utilizing their digital ID, local residents will be ready to cast votes in the one-off blockchain polling pilot. However, the city government showed that the vote is a “consultative test” and the results will not be binding.

The primary objective of the trial, it included, is to review the security aspects of the polling system, checking whether the platform is capable of achieving “immutability, testability and traceability” while keeping voter’s privacy.

The use case for blockchain in voting systems, with its potential to eliminate election fraud and give immutable records, is one that observed notable interest both from authorities at multiple levels of government, and within the finance.

In November, NASDAQ declared that it was developing an electronic shareholder voting system based on blockchain for the  South African capital markets, while Santander utilized the tech for shareholder voting at its AGM in May – possibly a world first.

Over in Russia, Moscow’s municipal government declared in March that it was increasing the use of a blockchain-based voting platform in the city block level. The Digital Home Service enables neighbours in high rises to electronically vote and communicate on problems to do with building maintenance and management.

And, in the same month, the U.S. state of West Virginia started a voting pilot project for absentee voters in the military by utilizing a mobile application based on blockchain technology, while Sierra Leone further piloted the tech in a presidential election.

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