Russian Scientist Jailed For Mining Bitcoin At Work


October 26, 2019 1:13 am

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One of the Russian scientists and former employees at the nation’s premier nuclear research facility was jailed for secretly mining Bitcoin using the facility’s supercomputers. 

According to a report, Andrey Rybkin a former employee was sentenced to 3 years and three months in prison. He was arrested for the “unauthorized use of computer capabilities.” Two of his colleagues were also fined for their roles in the plot, with one also receiving a suspended prison sentence.

The court also ordered to pay a fine of 200,000 roubles ($3,130), after attempting to use a new supercomputer at the facility to mine Bitcoin. The center is located in the Russian city of Sarov, 370km from Moscow. Sarov is a “closed city”, where it is prohibited for foreigners and tourists, and even non-resident Russians must get a special permit to visit. The other employees involved in the crime received a fine and a four year suspended prison sentence.

Recently, Fifteen men from Henyang, a city in south-central China’s Hunan province were arrested for cryptojacking. The culprits were suspected of corrupting an internet cafe to mine cryptos. More than 9,000 computer administrators were reportedly involved in helping the unauthorized mining operation.

According to the reports from the local crypto industry news outlet 8BTC, the suspects sold overall mined cryptocurrencies for over a hundred million yuan (about $14 million) in the four months ending in July. Local police stated that many local Internet cafes were running crypto-jacking malware. 

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