Ripple isn’t a cryptocurrency and can’t challenge bitcoin


January 26, 2018 3:59 pm

Ripple isn't a cryptocurrency and can't challenge bitcoin | Coindelite News
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RIPPLE isn’t viewed as a cryptocurrency by financial experts and specialists are contending it should not be recorded next to bitcoin and ethereum.

Jens Bader, payment specialist and co-founder of a fresh out of the box new payment organization much better, stated: “Ripple is off the march, both as far as its market position and its personality as a cryptocurrency.

“It may be a decent complimentary cash to bitcoin and ethereum, however since it is a centralized system, it doesn’t satisfy the brief of what a cryptocurrency is intended to do, and the USPs of blockchain innovation.”

Greg Adams, proprietor and managing executive at, a site which provides details on blockchain and cryptocurrency’ stated: “Ripple was intended to give cross-boundary settlement between banks. It is tackling the issue of slow settlement pace and high operational expenses.

“Therefore XRP is centralized and was not proposed for retail use, it as of now has high valuation so I would encourage planned purchasers to stay away for the time being.”