Reasons to Consider Investing in Ripple XRP

Karan Balwani

January 21, 2019 10:59 am


Reasons to Consider Investing in Ripple XRP
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Ripple is among the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. In these times where it seems that digital currencies are about to be wiped out, this currency offers hope to investors and users alike.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to fall in value, the market is in deep trouble. In case you would still like to invest, Ripple offers a significantly lower risk proposition. Priced at under $1 per unit, it Ripple offers users a way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Sure it’s unlikely that investors will be able to generate a huge profit, but that’s the landscape of investment, the greater the risk, bigger the (potential) rewards. 


What is Ripple?

Ripple is a payment platform created mainly for banks and financial institutions. The currency is denoted by XRP moniker. Ripple’s network was originally established as Ripple Labs back in 2012. The network grew rapidly as banks and financial institution started adopting this technology.

There are certain similarities that Ripple shares with Bitcoin, take the blockchain ledger for example. Though there are some notable differences that set Ripple apart. The biggest change is faster transaction processing. This is made possible through the use of distributed computing nodes. 


Advantages of using Ripple

  1. Ripple transactions take under 4 seconds to be processed that is significantly faster than altcoins. Its transaction capacity is 1,500 TPS (transactions per second)
  2. Ripple transactions have a lower fee associated making payments more beneficial.
  3. Ripple can be used to facilitate transfers and payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  4. Worldwide payment availability and instant financial transfers.

Ripple has received investments from more than 100 banks, this has paved the way for the cryptocurrency to grow rapidly in a relatively short period of time.


5 Reasons Ripple is a Compelling Investment Prospect


  1. Advanced transaction protocol – Offers secure transactions without a third-party, boosting mutual trust, transparency and security among the involved parties.
  2. Improvement in banking systems – While most cryptocurrencies are created to eliminate banks and financial institutions from the equation, Ripple takes a different approach and is focused on enhancing the existing system that is employed by banks. It can serve as a viable replacement for the aging SWIFT payment system, while also helping banks save $3.76 per transaction.
  3. Strong support – Ripple’s team is highly competent and its ICO shows this. The platform was successful in raising $55 million in a single funding round. Google is also a contributor and supporter of Ripple. Furthermore, top companies like Apple, Airbnb, Asana, BuzzFeed, Coinbase, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap are also investors in Ripple.
  4. Promising price predictions – Even though the cryptocurrency market continues to fall, Ripple’s sub-$1 price makes it a safer bet. It is projected that in the next 10 years, Ripple will see massive growth in value.
  5. Ripple is cheap – One of the few established cryptocurrencies that is valued under $1 per token. The average daily turnover of Ripple on a major exchange is between $1-6 million, showcasing its desirability in the market.

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