Pornsite Tube8 Rewards Its Viewers With Crypto Tokens

Nishanth Shetty

August 18, 2018 1:43 pm

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Pornsite Tube8 Rewards Its Viewers With Crypto Tokens | Coindelite News
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Pornhub is one of the most famous porn websites. It has recently started accepting cryptocurrencies such as TRON, ZenCash, and Verge. But now, Tube8, a subsidiary of Pornhub have collaborated with the Vice Industry Token (VIT) to reward its viewers with tokens.

The reports says that the partnership is made to fully tokenize Tube8’s platform. The online streamers will be offered VIT tokens as a reward for watching adult videos. Robin Turner, Spokesperson, Tube8 described that “getting paid to watch porn was always a pipe dream.”

He continued by saying that now with VIT, they will analyze how people consume adult entertainment. Usually, people watch the videos without logging in. But now with VIT incentives users will be interested to create an account before watching the porn videos.

Before the launch, Stuart Duncan, CEO, VIT stated that the platform will be migrated to the Ethereum Blockchain for a forked version of the steem blockchain named Graphene.

Mr. Tuner Included:

“VIT uses [delegated proof-of-stake] and is fully decentralized. [It] is the only true working fork of steem in existence.”

He revealed that it is the only cryptocurrency which is developed specifically for tokenizing and rewarding viewers of free content on tube sites. Anybody can earn VIT by watching porn videos on this platform.

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