Pornhub Collaborates With PumaPay to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Nishanth Shetty

August 24, 2018 4:50 pm

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Pornhub Collaborates With PumaPay to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments | Coindelite News
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Canadian adult entertainment streaming website Pornhub has partnered with PumaPay, a cryptocurrency payment, and billing startup. The partnership aims to allow its viewers to pay money in cryptocurrencies.

Through the collaboration, the adult video website is accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for its premium account. The payment method will take place through PumaPay’s “unique” protocol. Pornhub recently uploaded a video on Youtube to promote the partnership with PumaPay. The video is entitled “Pornhub and PumaPay Save the World.”

In April 2018, Pornhub added verge token as a payment method. The adult video service provider said it is not only an exciting announcement for the entertainment industry, but also for the cryptocurrency space. The adult film industry plays a great role in the adoption of innovative technology. He hopes to see the more widespread adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.

At the beginning of this month, Tube8, a subsidiary of Pornhub has collaborated with the Vice Industry Token (VIT) to reward its viewers with tokens. The partnership aims to tokenize Tube8’s platform, and online streamers will be offered with VIT tokens as the reward for watching porn. Robin Turner, Spokesperson, Tube8 said “getting paid to watch porn was always a pipe dream.”

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