Grams Token: Telegram might Cancel its Public ICO | Coindelite News

Grams Token: Telegram might Cancel its Public ICO

The reasons for Telegram to Cancel its Public ICO The average crypto devotees aren’t probably to get their hands on grams – Telegram’s Crypto Token soon. While half of the ambition $1.2 billion the messaging giant expected to raise was thought to originate from an ICO open to public investors, …

Crypto, ICO Services banned by Alibaba’s Taobao due to the Policy concern

Alibaba’s Taobao Bans Crypto, ICO Services in Policy Update Taobao, the internet shopping website under the e-commerce giant Alibaba recently updated its list of banned goods and services on the platform, including cryptocurrencies. In its latest announcement, the site announced that it is now banning specific stores on its platform …

China demands better Blockchain Regulations says, Expert | Coindelite News

China demands better Blockchain Regulations says, Expert

Blockchain technology in China to follow well-designed Regulations in coming future Blockchain technology in China will now rely on well-designed regulatory and standardization frameworks in the country, as stated by industry experts. Speakers named Chen Lei, Li Lihui, and CEO of cloud network provider Xunlei who oversee the Blockchain Research …

Santander UK launched Ripple [XRP] powered Application | Coindelite News

Santander UK launched Ripple [XRP] powered Application

Today Ripple [XRP] powered money transfer app to be Launched by  Santander UK Today, Santander bank UK, one of the largest banks in the world is going to launch an international money transfer app called OnePay FX that uses Ripple’s distributed ledger technology. Santander customers, who have a Santander debit …

EU says Blockchain Technology is ‘Going Mainstream’

EU Official says Blockchain is Going Mainstream from the Laboratory An official from the institution tasked with supervising European regulation is offering new praise blockchain technology which he says is coming out of the lab and going mainstream. In a speech focused on digitization, European Commission’s Vice President – the …

Apple might use Ripple Inter-Ledger Protocol for Fast and Easy Payments

Ripple Inter-Ledger Protocol to be used by Apple to integrate Fast and Easy Payments According to the reports, Apple is going to have a new update by supporting Ripple’s Inter-Ledger Protocol (ILP). Through this network, cryptocurrency and blockchain payments will be processed. At the same time, Ripple’s ILP allows a multitude …

Bitcoin Price Bubble is Popping, says Bank of America | Coindelite News

Bitcoin Price Bubble is Popping, says Bank of America

Bank of America says Bitcoin Price Bubble is Popping A team of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) researchers are contending that Bitcoin is one of the “greatest asset price bubbles in history.” In a note issued Sunday, the team led by Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist went so …

Ethereum's Blockchain to be used by Chile to Track energy sector statistics | Coindelite News

Ethereum’s Blockchain to be used by Chile to Track Energy Sector Statistics

Energy Data to be Tracked using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology in Chile Chile government announced that the country wants to use Ethereum’s blockchain for recording the energy sector statistics. The National Energy Commission said: “We would commit data to the public Ethereum ledger to augment levels of security, integrity, traceability, and …

Events that could Push Ripple to 1$ Sooner than Expected | Coindelite News

Events that could Push Ripple to 1$ Sooner than Expected

Analyzing factors that would Help Ripple rise to 1$ value Ripple (XRP) regarded as the third top cryptocurrency, rose higher than 3$ per unit back in January 2018 heading towards the value of 4$. But when everyone expected Ripple to rise beyond 4$, the market dipped and remained a stagnant …

Facebook, Twitter is now Communications Vice President of Coinbase

Coinbase Hired Facebook, Twitter as Communications Vice President Coinbase announced that it is hiring a new vice president of communications. A Coinbase investor, Rachael Horwitz joins the company from Spark Capital. Horwitz has previously held high-level communications roles at Facebook and Twitter. Horwitz wrote on LinkedIn: “Incredibly grateful and excited …

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