UK Telecom Regulator To Study The Blockchain | Coindelite News
Blockchain News

UK Telecom Regulator To Study The Blockchain

U.K.’s Regulators’ Pioneer Fund has announced that it is going to sponsor nearly £700,000 on its new project. The new project is aimed at blockchain technology to improve U.K.’s telephone number management. The agency has sponsored by Ofcom, the national telecommunications regulatory authority for its new project. On Monday, Ofcom …

Dubai to Launch Government-Approved Cryptocurrency | Coindelite News
Cryptocurrency News

Dubai to Launch Government-Approved Cryptocurrency

People living in Dubai will soon be able to make payments of goods and services using cryptocurrency. The country’s new digital currency will be used to make payments for various services and products. Emcash can be used to pay for traditional in-store purchases, utility bills, and even school fees. The …

Scammers Use Crypto ATMs To Dupe Victims | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Scam

Scammers Use Crypto ATMs To Dupe Victims

There have been numerous cryptocurrency scams taking place in Australia. It is reported that the perpetrators have been asking crypto holders to deposit funds from nearby digital currency ATMs. Reports say that the criminals are targeting newly-arrived migrants. Because these migrants are not familiar with navigating the foreign system of …

Bitfinex Partners with HSBC
Crypto Exchange

Bitfinex Partners with HSBC

Larry Cermak is an ex-editor at Diar and head analyst at The Block. He reported on 6th October that Bitfinex, one of the leading exchanges in the world has partnered with HSBC. HSBC is a London-based bank with a valuation of $133 billion. Cermak said “Bitfinex is not banking with …

An Expert Says Bitcoin is Close to Reach the Bottom | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Experts: Bitcoin is Close to Reaching Bottom

Spencer Bogart, Partner at blockchain venture firm Blockchain Capital, was recently a part of CNBC’s “Fast Money.” He stated that Bitcoin is getting close to the bottom and once it rebounds, this week’s development would climb. Mr. Bogart stated that Bitcoin is down by about 70 percent. According to him, …

Fortnite Players Facing Crypto Malware
Crypto Hack

Fortnite Players Facing Crypto Malware

Fortnite has gained a massive following in the past year. The game is available on all major platforms including Android, iOS, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. The popularity of this multi-platform game can be measured by the fact that it has earned …

Binance Coin is Now World's 14th Largest Crypto | Coindelite News
Cryptocurrency News

Binance Coin is Now World’s 14th Largest Crypto

Binance Coin (BNB) has become one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in crypto space. Binance recently tweeted that BNB has become the 14th most valuable crypto by market capitalization. Currently, Binance stands at over $1.2 billion. Binance highlighted how its token holders are benefitted with its multiple use cases on …

Crypto Used by Russian Hackers - U.S. Justice Dept.
Cryptocurrency News

Crypto Used by Russian Hackers – U.S. Justice Dept.

The Russia military intelligence (GRU) is backed by Kremlin-based hackers. A new report has uncovered that these hackers are using cryptocurrencies to fund their activities globally. Cryptocurrencies have provided a way to users across the globe to carry out transactions without leaving traces. The United States Department of Justice unveiled …

BitGo Adds Stellar and Dash to Portfolio
Crypto Exchange

BitGo Adds Stellar and Dash to Portfolio

BitGo the startup hailing from Palo Alto, California allows investors to store their crypto assets. The company recently announced that they are adding support for two new digital coins. As of October 5, 2018, BitGo has added support for Dash and Stellar for their customers.  Dash is a cryptocurrency based …

BCH Developers Launch New Chrome Extension | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Cash News

BCH Developers Launch New Chrome Extension

A Bitcoin Cash developer team has launched a new BCH desktop wallet. This wallet is similar to the Ethereum-light client Metamask. The new Chrome Extension Wallet is called The wallet will be tested in the browser’s developer mode and would be able to hold Bitcoin Cash tokens soon. The …

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