Bithumb to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency called 'Bithumb Coin' | Coindelite News
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Bithumb to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency called ‘Bithumb Coin’

‘Bithumb Coin’ to be Launched by Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin has their own coin, so soon Bithumb, the South Korean exchange is going to join the club. BITHUMB COIN Bithumb, one of South Korea’s major cryptocurrency exchanges has planned to issue its own in-house cryptocurrency named …

Digital Currency Exchange Owner Slams Schneiderman | Coindelite News
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Digital Currency Exchange Owner Slams Schneiderman

CEO of Kraken Slams the Survey Conducted by the NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman The owner of digital currency exchange on Thursday hits back at New York Attorney General Mr. Eric Schneiderman’s try to collect regulatory information from 13 of the biggest exchange doing business in the state. The letter …

Savedroid is Back: It is Not a Scam they're Back | Coindelite News
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Savedroid is Back: It is Not a Scam they’re Back

Savedroid’s PR went wrong now the ICO is Back Savedroid, which shocked the investors who invested in its ICO by putting its website down and mentioning ‘And it is gone’ on the website. It has become big news, and everybody started calling Savedroid a fraud ICO. People started saying that …

A Glimpse of XRP's Role in Ripple's Products | Coindelite News
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A Glimpse of XRP’s Role in Ripple’s Products

Taking a Glance at the Significance of XRP on Ripple’s Platform Most of the criticism faced by Ripple is due to XRP, the native currency of its platform. According to critics, it hasn’t gained enough traction among businesses to assure its current valuation. This traction could take the form of …

Huawei to Launch Blockchain as a Service Platform | Coindelite News
Blockchain News

Huawei to Launch Blockchain as a Service Platform

Blockchain Technology to be Used by Huawei as a Service Platform Chinese Telecommunication firm Huawei announced its latest Hyperledger-fuelled Blockchain service at a conference in Shenzhen on Tuesday. The Blockchain-as-a-service(BaaS) tool, which is launched a month after the release of Huawei and Hyperledger’s joint project Caliper and will be known as …

Blockchain News

IBM and Salon Media to Stop Frauds in Ads Industry through a Blockchain Pivot

IBM and Salon Media collaborate for a Blockchain Project to Stop Fraud in Ads Industry According to the reports, IBM and Salon Media are going to lead a proof-of-concept blockchain product developed by AdLedger which is a nonprofit consortium that develops shared ledger technologies for the digital advertising market. “The …

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Bitcoin Tax day Rally is Evidently not Happening as Price Dips under $8,000

Due to the Bitcoin Price drop, Tax Day Rally is not going to Happen Bitcoin Pundits had speculated on prices recovering after the U.S. investors filed their taxes. But as the market headed into the close on Tax Day, prices drop significantly under $8000. As per Coindelite Price Chart, Bitcoin …

Now its Time to Purchase Bitcoin Cash says, Brian Kelly | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Now its Time to Purchase Bitcoin Cash says, Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly says, Forget Bitcoin, Now its Time to Buy Bitcoin Cash Tax day has arrived and gone; the cryptocurrency bear market might be dipping down as well. Brian Kelly, founder, and CEO of BKCM ( An investment fund which is focused on cryptocurrencies) told that alt-coins would come back …

German Startup is "Over and Out" After $50 Million ICO Scam | Coindelite News
Cryptocoins News

German Startup is “Over and Out” After $50 Million ICO Scam

Savedroid ICO turned out to be a Scam After Raising $50 Million According to local news reports, the German-based startup Savedroid has vanished after raising a reported $50 mln through both private funding and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). CEO and Founder Yassin Hankir allegedly left the purpose behind his disappearance …

Cognizant to Adopt Blockchain for Cross-Company Data Sharing | Coindelite News
Blockchain News

Cognizant to Adopt Blockchain for Cross-Company Data Sharing

Cognizant Partners with Insurers to build Blockchain Data Sharing Platform Cognizant has collaborated with fourteen Indian insurance companies in order to develop a blockchain solution for cross-company data sharing. The firm announced in a statement that on Monday that the platform was built to let the companies securely share data …

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