Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin Support


October 22, 2019 7:24 pm

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According to the announcement made by the Opera Browser, its users can now process Bitcoin payments as it has added bitcoin e-commerce and TRON integration to its Android app. The new crypto update will allow Opera android users to make bitcoin payments directly from its built-in digital wallet. Users can also interact with decentralized apps (dapps) on the TRON blockchain. The browser aims to surge the crypto visibility among the browser’s claimed 300 million users.

Charles Hamel, Head of Crypto at Opera said:

“Most people have heard of bitcoin and thus we saw it as important to support it and make this feature more familiar to a larger group of people.”

Opera becomes the first browser to have digital wallet integration. Now it is another tech move by one of the web’s oldest apps. Though technically a legacy product, Opera has pivoted towards crypto in the past year, regularly increasing digital wallet functionality to its mobile and desktop offerings.

Hamel added:

“Bitcoin is a completely different beast that requires its own infrastructure and has a payment-focused usage scenario.”

In the previous year, Opera, announced its plans to launch a built-in crypto wallet in its desktop browser. Notably, the company has already integrated a crypto wallet in its Android app which received favorable reviews from the crypto community.

According to the statement made by Charles Hamel, Product Lead, Opera Crypto – This move is done as a means to remove the need for additional browser extension or a dedicated app. The last year’s announcement stated that Opera users will not be able to access the cryptocurrency wallet on their PC as well. It will allow users to browse Web 3.0 and use Decentralized apps (Dapps) on their computers seamlessly for added convenience.

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