OKEx Awarded Crypto Exchange of the Year

Karan Balwani

November 6, 2018 1:57 pm

Crypto Exchange

OKEx Awarded Crypto Exchange of the Year
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OKEx has been making headlines for the past few weeks. The most recent achievement of this exchange is being crowned as the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Year at the Malta Blockchain Awards.

It’s refreshing to see that the blockchain industry has started recognizing the hard work of companies in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Given the attention that Malta has received for being crypto heaven for companies, it’s the perfect place to host an award.

OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange based out of China. The exchange has seen some dark days in the last year. Ever since China began to discourage cryptocurrencies and enforced strict sanctions, OKEx shifted its operations to Malta. Notably, Malta is a small European nation which is regarded as the “Blockchain Island” for having a welcoming stance towards exchanges, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs.

The exchange manages a daily trading volume of over $770 million dollars. The firm has even partnered with the Malta Stock Exchange to create a joint-venture security token known as OKMSX. This move will surely take the blockchain adaption further.

Joban Gavrilovic, General Manager, OKEx expressed his gratitude towards the award that they deserved. He emphasized that this was achieved through the team’s effort.

“At OKEx, we have this motto, ‘It’s OK to be daring.’ So, what does it mean to be daring? For us, to be daring is to be a leader, to be bold, and to be courageous, and  to move forward in the wake of uncertainty, and these are  the same exact traits we saw in Malta.”

Andy Cheung, Head of Operations, OKEx said that this award has rightly established the exchange as  the industry leader. He assured that the exchange would keep on innovating and pushing the limits in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

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