NYC Cryptocurrency Kidnapper Pleads Guilty

Karan Balwani

September 6, 2018 4:28 pm

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NYC Cryptocurrency Kidnapper Pleads Guilty
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In a shocking incident, a man was held hostage by kidnappers in New York City. The man was abducted in a car driving through Uptown Manhattan, during which the kidnappers stole $1.9 million in cryptocurrencies. The man behind this plan has pleaded guilty in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Louis Meza hired three people to kidnap a man and drive him around Uptown Manhattan. He gained access to the man’s home and digital wallet to steal cryptocurrencies. He pleaded guilty on the count of first-degree grand larceny and second-degree kidnapping. Both incidents are regarded as felonies, according to the prosecutor. 

The men Meza hired were Cesar “Fuego” Guzman, Allen “Joker” Nunez and Darrel “Bishop” Colon to help with the kidnapping back in November 2017. He planning this robbery attempt after learning that the victim was holding a large reserve of Ether. Meza arranged a meeting with the victim and insisted he took a car service back home. Meanwhile, Meza’s associates were waiting to kidnap this man in a minivan parked outside.

Nunez had posed as the driver of the car service and as the car was en route, Colon jumped out from behind the vehicle and threatened the victim with a gun. Colon proceeded to take the victim’s phone, wallet, house keys and digital wallet password which was then handed to Meza.

Meza used the private key to transfer $1.8 million in Ether to his own account. The victim was able to escape the minivan and contacted the police. The identity of this man has been kept hidden and his funds were returned to him.

This is another example of the lengths people go to for planning scams, kidnappings, and other crypto related crimes. Users and investors are encouraged to be mindful about discussing their crypto holdings with strangers. You see, the man was lucky, in case something went astray, he might have lost his life.

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