Mateusz Kierepka – the Man Behind The Thriving Start-up Culture of Poland

Karan Balwani

February 26, 2019 3:45 pm


Mateusz Kierepka - the Man Behind The Thriving Start-up Culture of Poland
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Mr. Mateusz has helped numerous start-ups get on their feet through mentorship and advice. He has also served in the capacity of a juror for start-up competitions.

Mateusz Kirepka is credited with founding MedApp a company that has made significant leaps in healthcare and research. He has teamed up with a highly talented group of scientists, doctors, and medical researchers to develop CarnaLife. 

CarnaLife is an analytical telemedicine system that helps doctors, healthcare providers, and paramedic provide prompt medical services to help increase survival rates, recovery, and quality of life. This benefits all healthcare facilities ranging from small clinics to multi-chain hospitals.

The infusion of medical science with technology has led to the creation of game-changing products and services.

CarnaLife is also dedicated to providing remote medical assistance in remote areas.

Their primary focus in on the improvement of public health and it hopes to put an end to civilization diseases over the years.

The organization has forged partnerships with industry giants such as Microsoft. This has allowed them to develop HoloLens technology. This enables doctors and healthcare providers to view a diseased organ in Augmented Reality (AR), giving them the ability to view, rotate and zoom in the affected organ. This helps by providing better diagnosis and paves the pay of minimally invasive surgeries which considerably reduces recovery time and discomfort for the patient.

The CarnaLife app is already available on all leading platforms (iOS, Windows and Android) and the app allows patients to store a digital record of their medical data so that it can be easily shared with doctors. The built-in AI learn to recognize patterns when it comes to diseases and helps improve diagnosis and disease management. Moreover, it can also alert patients about the prediction of future diseases, which can lead to a change in lifestyle and improve the overall health of an individual.

They have also developed diagnostic hardware from years of research that allows users to easily take measurements of vital signs such as blood glucose to understand their current state of health.

MedApp is listed on the Polish stock market as well and has been an industry game-changer for years. 

Recently, CarnaLife launched its ICO project through which it aims to further grow its platform and provide medical science the tools it needs to improve healthcare globally. The company is presently conducting an ICO.

CarnaLife’s crowd sale is live! To know more, visit

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