Man Tortured With Drill Amidst Crypto Robbery

Karan Balwani

March 13, 2019 4:37 pm

Man Tortured With Drill Amidst Crypto Robbery
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Cryptocurrencies are known for their privacy and security features. A person trying to gain access to your data cannot do it without the correct password, making it significantly safer than a bank.

However, there are times when such features end up turning against you. This is what happened in a gruesome crime in the Netherlands. The victim faced home invasion where the attackers tried to force him into giving up his crypto wealth.

As reported by De Telegraaf, the Dutch newspaper, three robbers gained unauthorized entry into a crypto trader’s home in February. The victim was home with his four-year-old daughter. The robbers tortured the victim with an electric drill in front of his infant daughter which caused serious injuries. This resulting in the victim being hospitalized for five days.

The details are unclear whether the victim’s funds were taken by the robbers, but if they did manage to get the password, the robbers would be quickly transferred the funds to an anonymous accounts, making the currency untraceable.

The Dutch police dispatched a team of 15 officers to investigate this extremely violent crime. This isn’t the first incident of such a crime. Last year, a Russian businessman was held hostage by criminals until he surrendered his crypto credentials.

Jameson Lopp, Bitcoin engineer told the New York Times in 2018

“If you are rich and you own real estate, or stocks or a sports team, somebody can’t mug you and take your sports team away. Having liquid crypto assets makes you much more attractive for that type of criminal attack.”

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