Launch of SpaceX, Live Stream in Ethereum-Based Virtual Reality World


June 1, 2020 4:40 pm

Launch Of SpaceX
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Decentraland users watched the first launch in almost a decade of a SpaceX built-in and launched on May 30, which carries two humans up to the space station from the United States virtual reality world’s auditorium.

The launch wasn’t just viewable on NASA’s YouTube channel. The users of the Ethereum-based virtual reality world, Decentraland got front row seats.

Decentraland tweeted that the recent SpaceX launch would be available live in its VR world and users were able to watch the event in the environment’s virtual auditorium as Elon Musk sent two humans into orbit in the first private, manned spacecraft launch in history.

The Virtual World

This isn’t the first time, as of February 2020, above 12,000 inhabitants of the VR world have had unconventional access to major events.

In March, over the coronavirus pandemic when many countries were still in lockdown, Decentraland virtually hosted the annual Coinfest Conference. The platform raised $1 million during its initial coin offering in 2017, before its launch in February allowing users to buy virtual parcels of land with the platform’s currency, MANA. The token is one of the most expensive non-fungible tokens of 2019.

Screenshot of SpaceX launch inside Decentraland. Source: The Block Runner
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