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Facebook To Raise $1 Billion For Its Own Cryptocoin

  Facebook has started to look for venture capital firms to seek investment in its own cryptocurrency plan of action. As per a report by NY Times report – Nathaniel Popper, the project scheme totals near to $1 billion. Facebook is reported to be on the verge of developing its …

Wordpress To Offer Blockchain Features | Coindelite News
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WordPress To Offer Blockchain Features

WordPress, Google and Ethereum development studio ConsenSys and other firms have partnered to launch a new publishing platform. The partnership aims at building blockchain tools. According to the announcement, Newspack, the new platform is explained as an “inexpensive” platform. It aims to offer technology and support for small- and medium-sized …

Chinese Internet regulator To Censor Blockchain Firms | Coindelite News
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Chinese Internet regulator To Censor Blockchain Firms

China’s internet censorship agency has approved few regulations for blockchain companies in the country. The new regulations will take effect from Feb 15, 2019. On Thursday the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published its new regulations for managing blockchain information services. The announcement defines blockchain companies as “entities or nodes” …

Pakistani Bank Partners With Alipay For Blockchain | Coindelite News
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Pakistani Bank Partners With Alipay For Blockchain

Telenor Microfinance Bank, Pakistan based subsidiary of Norwegian telecoms multinational Telenor Group announced its partnership with Alipay. The announcement said that the firm has launched cross-border payments using blockchain technology using payments company Alipay. The initiative is called as Pakistan’s first blockchain-based international remittance service. On Tuesday, the bank announced …

Chinese Banking Group To Launch A New Blockchain Platform | Coindelite News
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Chinese Banking Group To Launch A New Blockchain Platform

The China Banking Association (CBA), the regulatory body of the country for the banking sector has announced that it is launching a new blockchain-based platform for trade finance. Last week the association announced that the organization is in the process of rolling it out for live usage after several pilot …

IBM To Boost African Agribusiness with Blockchain

IBM has partnered with the U.S. based agriculture tech firm Hello Tractor to improve the African agriculture industry with blockchain. On December 11 IBM published a blog post announcing the partnership. The post says that the IBM Research team in Kenya is currently working with Hello Tractor’s developers to use …

IBM Partners With Abu Dhabi National Oil Firm | Coindelite News
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IBM Partners With Abu Dhabi National Oil Firm

On December 29, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) published a press release announcing its partnership with technology giant IBM. The collaboration aims to build a blockchain supply chain system. ADNOC is the world’s one of leading energy and petrochemical groups, with a daily output of around 3 million …

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Signature Bank To Offer Blockchain Payments System

The recent reports say that the Department of Financial Services of New York (NYDFS) announced that it has authorized a blockchain-based digital platform provided by NYC based Signature Bank. Maria T. Vullo, the Superintendent, NYDFS said that the department has authorized New-York based Signature Bank to provide digital payment platform …

Blockchain Gains Attention as Crypto Market Stumbles
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Blockchain Gains Attention as Crypto Market Stumbles

As the world has been witnessing a tumult in the crypto market for almost a year now, blockchain technology, however, continues to attract capitalists and innovators from all around the globe. Blockchain Technology has become a topic of discussion that makes people’s head turn. In the event, “Decrypting Blockchain for …

Thailand To Use Blockchain To Fight Against Tax Fraud

Thailand’s Revenue Department has planned to use the blockchain technology for tracking value-added tax (VAT) payments in the country. According to the reports, the department wants to implement blockchain to prevent fraudulent VAT refund activities in the country. The VAT is a kind of consumption tax levied on goods and services. …