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Crypto Craze is Fading Away Says Russian Bank Head | Coindelite News
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Crypto Craze is Fading Away Says Russian Bank Head

The Central Bank of Russia’s head Elvira Nabiullina stated that crypto craze has started to fade away. Elvira was recently a part of country’s fourth FINOPOLIS innovative financial technology forum in Sochi October 17. While speaking at the conference, she signaled the change in the stances of “businesses” towards technologies …

India Welcomes Cryptocurrency Platform MoonX | Coindelite News
Crypto Exchange

India Welcomes Cryptocurrency Platform MoonX

The enthusiasm towards cryptocurrencies is increasing among people around the world. Several counties have implemented strict regulations to stop their citizens from investing in digital currencies. But, residents from the country such as India are not letting the crypto craze fade away. MoonX, the Switzerland-based cryptocurrency startup has announced its …

Barclays to Hold On Cryptocurrency Trading | Coindelite Press Releases
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Barclays to Hold On Cryptocurrency Trading

The U.K. based multinational bank and financial services provider Barclays has announced that it is putting the launch of its cryptocurrency trading desk on hold. Chris Tyrer, Barclays’ former global head of commodities is leading the project called “Digital Assets Project.” The project also includes Marvin Barth, head of the …

Unocoin Launches India's First Bitcoin ATM | Coindelite News
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Unocoin Launches India’s First Bitcoin ATM

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are doing their best to improve the crypto-to-fiat liquidity in the country. The Reserve Bank of India has ordered banks in India to stop working with crypto exchanges. Arun Jaitley, Indian Minister of Corporate Affairs called Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme. Unocoin, Indian cryptocurrency exchange has recently published …

Criminals are using Bitcoin - AARP | Coindelite News
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Criminals are using Bitcoin – AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has recently published an article about the existing financial systems. The article is titled “Improve Your Financial Literacy With This Glossary.” It mentions that an increasing number of criminals use Bitcoin. Several other terms such as “emerging markets” and “exchange-traded funds” are explained …

Canadian Woman Loses $48,000 To BTC ATM Scam | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Scam

Canadian Woman Loses $48,000 To BTC ATM Scam

A Canadian woman lost 62,500 Canadian dollars ($48,125) due to a Bitcoin ATM Scam. The victim claims that she sent money to a scammer through a Bitcoin ATM. The women have filed a case against the ATM provider Instacoin ATM Canada Inc. Charlottetown Provincial Court, Canada has taken up the …

Singapore Welcomes New Crypto Bank Accounts | Coindelite News
Crypto Exchange

Singapore Welcomes New Crypto Bank Accounts

The Singapore government is all set to open the first fiat-crypto exchange in the country. The Financial Regulator is ready to help crypto companies set up local bank accounts. According to the report, over 8,000 people have agreed to join the open public beta launch of Eurekapro’s new fiat-crypto exchange. The report …

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Indian Government To Launch Cryptocurrency

The Indian government is doing its best to keep cryptocurrencies out of the country. It seems that the government isn’t denying access to cryptos completely. The recent report mentions that the Indian government is planning to launch its own digital currency. One of the senior officials from the country’s finance …

Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real | Coindelite News
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Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real

The search engine giant Google has finally revealed its opinion on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The company’s view on digital currencies was revealed through an ad for Google’s new Call Screen Service. Google recently released an advertisement for its new Call Screen Service. This new feature allows users to identify …

Crypto Mining Has Become Less Profitable | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Mining

Crypto Mining Has Become Less Profitable

Bitcoin mining has been a great way for miners to earn the money. Bitcoin (BTC) miner revenues of 2018 have already increased. In spite of the growth, miners are now earning less profits. According to the report, the rewards and fees for BTC miners have surpassed $4.7 billion within the first …