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Criminals are using Bitcoin - AARP | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Criminals are using Bitcoin – AARP

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has recently published an article about the existing financial systems. The article is titled “Improve Your Financial Literacy With This Glossary.” It mentions that an increasing number of criminals use Bitcoin. Several other terms such as “emerging markets” and “exchange-traded funds” are explained …

Canadian Woman Loses $48,000 To BTC ATM Scam | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Scam

Canadian Woman Loses $48,000 To BTC ATM Scam

A Canadian woman lost 62,500 Canadian dollars ($48,125) due to a Bitcoin ATM Scam. The victim claims that she sent money to a scammer through a Bitcoin ATM. The women have filed a case against the ATM provider Instacoin ATM Canada Inc. Charlottetown Provincial Court, Canada has taken up the …

Singapore Welcomes New Crypto Bank Accounts | Coindelite News
Crypto Exchange

Singapore Welcomes New Crypto Bank Accounts

The Singapore government is all set to open the first fiat-crypto exchange in the country. The Financial Regulator is ready to help crypto companies set up local bank accounts. According to the report, over 8,000 people have agreed to join the open public beta launch of Eurekapro’s new fiat-crypto exchange. The report …

Cryptocurrency News

Indian Government To Launch Cryptocurrency

The Indian government is doing its best to keep cryptocurrencies out of the country. It seems that the government isn’t denying access to cryptos completely. The recent report mentions that the Indian government is planning to launch its own digital currency. One of the senior officials from the country’s finance …

Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real | Coindelite News
Cryptocurrency News

Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real

The search engine giant Google has finally revealed its opinion on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The company’s view on digital currencies was revealed through an ad for Google’s new Call Screen Service. Google recently released an advertisement for its new Call Screen Service. This new feature allows users to identify …

Crypto Mining Has Become Less Profitable | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Mining

Crypto Mining Has Become Less Profitable

Bitcoin mining has been a great way for miners to earn the money. Bitcoin (BTC) miner revenues of 2018 have already increased. In spite of the growth, miners are now earning less profits. According to the report, the rewards and fees for BTC miners have surpassed $4.7 billion within the first …

Scammers Use Crypto ATMs To Dupe Victims | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Scam

Scammers Use Crypto ATMs To Dupe Victims

There have been numerous cryptocurrency scams taking place in Australia. It is reported that the perpetrators have been asking crypto holders to deposit funds from nearby digital currency ATMs. Reports say that the criminals are targeting newly-arrived migrants. Because these migrants are not familiar with navigating the foreign system of …

An Expert Says Bitcoin is Close to Reach the Bottom | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Experts: Bitcoin is Close to Reaching Bottom

Spencer Bogart, Partner at blockchain venture firm Blockchain Capital, was recently a part of CNBC’s “Fast Money.” He stated that Bitcoin is getting close to the bottom and once it rebounds, this week’s development would climb. Mr. Bogart stated that Bitcoin is down by about 70 percent. According to him, …

Bitcoin Cash ATMs Increase in Europe | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Cash ATMs Increase in Europe

The number of cryptocurrency ATMs has grown in Europe. Reports claim that the reason for this move is the increasing number of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption. Most of the ATMs are located in major cities and resorts. These machines offer the citizens and visitors access to fast and affordable digital …

Buy Coke With Bitcoin Using The Lightning Network | Coindelite News
Bitcoin News

Buy Coke With Bitcoin Using The Lightning Network

One of the Spanish hardware hackers has addressed the concern about Bitcoin’s hurdle and its adoption. According to the hacker, Bitcoin’s mass adoption as a payment system is due to its usability and instant micropayments. The hacker has built a vending machine that uses Bitcoin as a payment system using …