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Latest Bitcoin news is posted here on Coindelite. Bitcoin ranks the highest in the list of cryptocurrencies, which is based on the Blockchain technology. It is usually called as a decentralized digital currency .i.e. any government does not control it. News about Bitcoin is of high priority to investors in the crypto industry. Therefore, to read the latest news regarding businesses that deal with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and officials of bitcoin, Coindelite serves as the best platform.

ICO News – Putin Affirms Russia Will Regulate ICOs, Mining By July 2018

ICO News – ICOs and cryptocurrency mining getting regulated by next year in Russia. President Putin, announced the approval. On the other hand Russian State VTB Bank has different views about Bitcoin being accepted by the consumers.   Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin has approved regulation of ICOs and cryptocurrency mining by …

Cryptocurrency News – Crypto Market Cap is about to reach a Trillion Dollar in year 2018

Cryptocurrency News – Most of the people don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin as well as ICOs. There are a lot who already started dealing in cryptocurrencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies beginning with bitcoin is increasing day by day and giving birth to various new crypto concepts and …

Bitcoin adaptation will be harmful as the Chinese government-backed | Coindelite

Bitcoin News – Bitcoin adaptation will be harmful as the Chinese government-backed

Bitcoin News – China banned the Cryptocurrencies and Instead of Cryptocurrencies china wants to launch state-issued digital currencies a workshop which was conducted by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences describes everything. The First Workshop of Standards for Digital Fiat Currency for the Universal Finance Access was conducted by The International …