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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Value Doubled During This Week

  Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has never been seen competing against any other altcoins. But the crypto-coin has been always sticking towards being a growth leader when seen on a week-on-week base. Gaining around 90% during this week, Bitcoin Cash is the fifth largest digital asset to trade at $314 (at …

Rise In Active Bitcoin Wallets As The Crypto Market Surges

  Soon after the US Security Exchange Commission affirmed two Bitcoin-controlled trade exchanged assets (ETFs.) applications, the number of active Bitcoin wallets got incremented as the cryptocurrency market faced a surge, as reported by Bloomberg. Bloomberg referred to an analysis by the market intel, Flipside Crypto, reporting that a increased …

Crypto Market Witnesses Boost As Bitcoin ETFs Get Approved By SEC

  The US Security Exchange Commission surprised the crypto market by affirming two Bitcoin-controlled trade exchanged assets (ETFs.) applications. US-based BTC fans are happily boosting the market upward. In the beginning of coming month, Bitwise is intended to launch Bitcoin exchange-traded funds with an investment management company, viz, VanEck. BTC …

YouTube Accidentally Runs Malicious Ad for Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

  According to a Reddit post, YouTube reportedly ran a malicious advertisement for Bitcoin (BTC) wallet Electrum accidentally. Viewers interested in the ad were redirected to a malicious link using a common scamming method named typosquatting or URL hijacking. In the Reddit post, a user named mrsxeplatypus cautioned the public …

Circle CEO Predicts That Bitcoin Price Will Boom | Coindelite News
Bitcoin Prediction

Circle CEO Predicts That Bitcoin Price Will Boom

After the growth in December 2017, Bitcoin’s price started falling continuously and reached the lowest level before a couple of days. Some of the famous investors around the world predicted that Bitcoin’s price would again raise, but nothing seems happening. Jeremy Allaire, CEO of the Boston-based startup’s CEO said that …

Monex Group To Launch Crypto Exchange In The U.S. | Coindelite News
Crypto Exchange

Monex Group To Launch Crypto Exchange In The U.S.

One of Japanese major financial services firm, Monex Group which is also the parent company of cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has made an announcement. The announcement says that the firm has planned to launch a crypto exchange in the U.S. next quarter. The plan includes the expansion of exchange in the …

Crypto Traders Can Buy/Sell Cryptos Using Gemini App | Coindelite News
Cryptocurrency News

Crypto Traders Can Buy/Sell Cryptos Using Gemini App

Gemini, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges has announced that it is launching a mobile app. Tyler Winklevoss, the CEO, and co-founder of Gemini wrote in a Medium post that the application will allow customers to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It will also provide market prices, portfolio values and …

Indian Govt Panel Submits Advice For Crypto Regulation | Coindelite News
Cryptocurrency News

Indian Govt Panel Submits Advice For Crypto Regulation

The Indian government recently appointed a panel to suggest digital currency measures for creating the new legal framework. The panel has recently submitted its recommendations to the government. The document has not been made public yet, but still there a lot of speculations taking place by experts about what it …

Binance Adds New Feature For Institutional Investors | Coindelite News
Crypto Exchange

Binance Adds New Feature For Institutional Investors

Binance, the world’s popular cryptocurrency exchange has announced its plan of launching a new sub-account feature for its institutional investors. On Thursday, the cryptocurrency exchange said that these sub-accounts would allow institutions to set up multiple trading accounts for each firm. Various accounts will be provided with different levels of …

Bitcoin's Value Trips to a New Low
Bitcoin News

Bitcoin’s Value Trips to a New Low

Bitcoin’s price has been subjected to a serious tribulation since the beginning of the year. But this week, its value slumped to a new low, making things worse for the crypto market and investors. Recovery for the world’s largest cryptocurrency does not seem to be coming any time soon. Bitcoin’s …