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Latest Bitcoin news is posted here on Coindelite. Bitcoin ranks the highest in the list of cryptocurrencies, which is based on the Blockchain technology. It is usually called as a decentralized digital currency .i.e. any government does not control it. News about Bitcoin is of high priority to investors in the crypto industry. Therefore, to read the latest news regarding businesses that deal with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and officials of bitcoin, Coindelite serves as the best platform.

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO says Bitcoin Is ‘Not for Me.’

CEO of Goldman Sachs Mr. Lloyd Blankfein says Bitcoin ‘Is Not for Me.’ On Tuesday, the Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Mr. Lloyd Blankfein told in an interview that ‘it’s not for me’ when asked about the world’s biggest digital currency by market cap. Appearing at the Economic Club of …

Walmart Won Patent for Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid | Coindelite News

Walmart Won Patent for Bitcoin-Powered Electrical Grid

Retail Giant Walmart Won Patent for Electric Grid powered by Bitcoin Walmart has won a patent for an on-demand electrical grid that would be powered by bitcoin or other digital currency. The system, described in the patent awarded on Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is designed …

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says Bitcoin Is Controlled by China, Won’t Disrupt Banks

Small Group of Miner from China controls Bitcoin claims Ripple CEO It might be an overstatement to assume that Mr. Brad Garlinghouse has been on Bitcoin-bashing tour he is, a bitcoin investor himself still it’s evident that the Ripple CEO has utilized the recent market downturned as a chance to …

Bitcoin Tumbled To Its Lowest Level Since February | Coindelite News

Bitcoin Tumbled To Its Lowest Level Since February

The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Fell To Its Lowest Point Since February The price of bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell to its lowest point since February on Tuesday. Bitcoin’s esteem slid to $6,455. 92 throughout the evening trading session, dropping more than $280 in two hours. This …

I don't want to be the Bitcoin spokesman. You know, just beware." -... | Coindelite News

I don’t want to be the Bitcoin spokesman. You know, just beware.” – Jamie Dimon

“Just Beware” That’s all Jamie Dimon Says About Bitcoin “Just Beware” That’s Jamie Dimon, CEO of Wall Street investment bank J. P Morgan Chase, who with CNBC in a section alongside billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Throughout the joint interview, both Dimon and Buffett were asked over their point of views …

CFTC Officials says Cryptocurrencies 'Are Not Going Away.'

CFTC Officials says Cryptocurrencies ‘Are Not Going Away’

US Commodities Regulator says Digital Currencies are Here to Stay Commissioner at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Mr. Rostin Benham, spoke amid the Blockchain for Impact Global Summit held at the United Nations Plaza on Monday. Amid his speech, he highlighted the significant potential for blockchain technology to …

Google's Crypto Ban is 'Unfair,' and 'Unethical' says Finance Industry

Google’s Crypto Ban is ‘Unfair,’ and ‘Unethical’ says Finance Industry

Finance Industry Executives Slams Google’s Cryptocurrency Ban Finance Industry executives have contended that Google‘s decision to ban digital currency advertising isn’t just ill-conceived, but unethical. Twitter and Facebook have enacted similar embargoes. The prohibition covers digital currencies, crypto wallets, ICO‘s, crypto trading advice and crypto exchanges.   Mr. Philip Nunn, …

Japanese IT Giant GMO Reveals Specs and Price of its New Bitcoin Miner

GMO Unveils Specs of its New 7nm Bitcoin Miner: $1,999 GMO Internet the Japanese IT giant has unveiled specs and price for its new bitcoin miner –  the world’s first 7nm based chip. On Tuesday, the company stated at the press conference that its 7nm ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) that …

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak backs Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin should Become internet’s ‘Native Currency.’

Apple Co-founder Believes Bitcoin should Become Web’s Currency Apple co-founder Mr. Steve Wozniak is a big believer however not an investor in Bitcoin currently. When asked about recent comments from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey who commented during Consensus 2018 conference in New York that he expects bitcoin becomes …

GMO Develops Mobile App that Let Users Earn Bitcoin | Coindelite News

GMO Develops Mobile App that Let Users Earn Bitcoin

Japanese Tech. firm launches Mobile App that Let Gamers Earn Bitcoin On Thursday, GMO Internet Group a Japanese Technology firm has launched a new mobile app that let gamers earn Bitcoin by merely playing a game, the company stated. As per the announcement, the new app named CryptoChips will at …