Introducing CarnaLife

Karan Balwani

December 24, 2018 3:14 pm

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Introducing Carna Life
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Carna Life is an innovative telemedicine system that is designed to revolutionize the healthcare industry. The Carna Life analytical telemedicine system is built on years of research and innovation. This tool can be used by patients for recording medical tests, while doctors can use these tests to diagnose the patient’s health.

The data analysis is supplemented with a built-in smart algorithm which helps in the prioritization and interpretation of the results. It also notifies the patient the need for consulting with a medical specialist.

Our system employs upcoming technologies such as AI and AR to achieve exemplary advances in healthcare and medical science.

Moreover, our partnership with the likes of Microsoft has given us the freedom to build on HoloLens technology, which offers promising results for healthcare providers and surgeons. 

Here is a brief overview of our apps and services. The apps are already deployed on the Apple’s iOS store, Google Play store and Windows 10 app store.

CarnaLife Lite

Allows patients to track changes in their medical test results. A great way to keep track of one’s state of health and wellness.

CarnaLife System

Focused on cardiology-based diagnostics. It allows doctors to verify patient’s health results efficiently. A built-in feature can sound an alarm for life-threatening situations.

CarnaLife Holo

By using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology., doctors can view MRI, CT exams and echocardiograms in 3D. They can study the organ to plan surgeries with minimal invasions and tissue damage.

CarnaLife Server

Installed on Microsoft’s Azure server, this cloud application operates 24×7 to archive patient data for analysis and interpretation of tests.

We at CoinDelite are excited to be a part of this incredibly exciting project. The Pre-ICO sale starts on 14th January 2019. The Carna Life analytical telemedicine system is a great opportunity for new and existing investors.

We will keep you posted on the various developments in this project. Stay tuned.

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