Indian Doctors Warn Citizens About Illegal COVID-19 Vaccine Sales for Bitcoin


January 14, 2021 10:10 am

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Indian doctors confirmed that the sale of unauthorized Covid-19 vaccines on the black market, where vendors sell the vaccine for Bitcoin is illegal. The doctors stated that the unsanctioned marketing of the vaccine to the elite is prevalent in the state of Karnataka. Some doctors say the Indian government must intrude by tracking down these vendors.

As per the report, the country confirms, doctors “have been getting calls from VIP patients, wanting to know whether these Covid-19 vaccines offered by certain dealers are genuine and can be taken.” The president of the Indian Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes’ Association (Phana) has confirmed such vaccine sales.

Dr. HM Prasanna, The Phana president says that “he heard that certain vaccines are being administered to residents for bitcoin.” While stopping the illegal sales, he has asked potential buyers of the unsanctioned vaccines to “exercise caution (in such cases) and follow the government’s guidelines in this regard.” Citizens must wait for the government-approved vaccine. 

Meanwhile, such reports of illegal Covid-19 vaccines that are exchanged for bitcoin are coming as “the distribution of (any) such vaccines in the country is still considered illegal.” Instead of adapting to the illegal vaccines, Indian doctors request “citizens must wait for the government to roll out the product through the Drug Controller General of India.”

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