India Launches a Blockchain App to Help Victims Report Sexual Assaults


December 5, 2019 9:38 pm

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A new app India called Smashboard is trying to address some issues such as sexual assault through blockchain technology. The app is founded by Noopur Tiwari, an independent journalist, the app, launched on November 12, known as “digital ally” for women, men, and non-normative gender survivors of sexual abuse. 

Tiwari Said:

“Seeking help can be risky for survivors and there are consequences of revealing one’s identity. Often, survivors have undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder, [which] comes in the way of seeking help.”

The app includes features such as time-stamped journal, and enlisted mental health and legal practitioners, Smashboard intends to make reporting a sexual crimeless traumatic for the survivor, using blockchain to create an online, private and encrypted ledgers of the assault. 

The founder added:

“The coders who were working for us pulled out of the project because one of our team members was abused by a tech-bro of theirs. Our ‘punishment’ for speaking out against this supposed hero was them trying to tank our project at the last minute and leaving us without any code.”

The blockchain technology helps women record, with an indelible timestamp, the events of their sexual assault, which would eventually help them while dealing with the police and judicial authorities. Smashboard is can be only used by those who have a smartphone and fluent in English, Spanish, and French. Tiwari hopes to make its app accessible to non-English speakers in India once the team expands. The founder also aims to help Dalits and women of other marginalized sections with the Smashboard app.

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