Heater to be launched by a French company to warm room while mining Cryptocurrencies

Suzette Paulsen

March 13, 2018 3:25 pm

Heater to be launched by a French company to warm room while mining Cryptocurrencies | Coindelite News
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The smartphone app also to be provided along with a heater to keep track of mined Cryptocurrencies

Aiming to ‘make heating a source of revenue, not an expense,’ a French company launches crypto heater where the room could get heated up by the heat dissipated by GPUs while mining cryptocurrencies to warm a room.

The crypto heater QC-1 by Qarnot, a cuboid-shape aluminum and wood device packs 2 GPUs Nitro+ Radeon RX 580 8G which gives an output at 60 Megahash (MH) per second. The computing power from the GPUs is used for mining cryptocurrencies.

The heater operates on two heating modes- mining mode and booster mode. The booster mode is to be commonly used, and the other way could be used when there is extreme cold. When the heater is operating in mining mode, the power consumed by the device is 450 Watts whereas, in booster mode, the energy consumption is 650 Watts hence providing extra heat.

“We estimate that a QC1 can heat a 20 sqm room. Isolation, ceiling height is obviously to take into consideration as well. QC-1 generates a high-quality soft heat: you need less power than with a more “classic” electricity heater,” the company says.

An app is also developed by them which keeps track of the cryptocurrencies mined by the device as well as the market. Presently, the most profitable of the top three cryptocurrencies is to be mined by this device where the company plans to provide updates to adapt it to mine any currency in future.

The device mining is ready claims the company and would take around 10 minutes to get it installed. An electric socket is required to plug in the device and internet connection.

The QC-1 is priced at EUR 2900 (approx. Rs 2.32 lakh), and the company promises to ship it to anywhere in the world. The delivery of product will begin from June 20. However, pre-booking is open as of now.