Hacked Google Account Promotes Crypto Scam

Nishanth Shetty

November 15, 2018 10:54 am

Crypto Scam

Hacked Google Account Promotes Crypto Scam | Coindelite News
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One of Google’s verified Twitter account has become the latest to be hacked to host a crypto “giveaway” scam.

A Twitter user named @B_u_r_t_o_n has found a promoted tweet on  Google’s productivity account. The hacked Google’s profile is named as G Suite. A photo of the screenshot went viral before the technology giant deleted it.

The tweet intended to scam Twitter users through a fake giveaway offer. The account asked users to sеnd 0.1 to 2 BTC tо the address mentioned in the picture and gеt frоm 1 to 20 ВTC back!

Twitter and Google have confirmed that the incidents are being investigated.

A Google Spokesperson said that G Suite account shared an unauthorized promoted tweet this morning. The account has removed the tweet and investigating with Twitter now.

The Twitter’s spokesperson also spoke about his concern on Google’s account promoting cryptocurrency giveaway scam. The spokesperson said that G Suite account was inappropriately accessed. His team would continue monitoring the situation.

Another verified Twitter account has become the victim of Twitter’s crypto giveaway scams. Recently, a fake account claiming Elon Musk also promoted a cryptocurrency scam and few reports stated that people trusted the account and sent cryptocurrencies to an anonymous address.

The account of major U.S. retailer Target was also hacked recently on Twitter. There have been many scams and hacks taking place in the cryptocurrency space.

Target tweeted:

“Early this morning, our Twitter account was inappropriately accessed. The access lasted for approx. Half an hour & one fake tweet was posted during that time about a bitcoin scam. We have regained control of the account, are in close contact with Twitter & are investigating now.”

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