Google Removes Multiple Crypto Wallets From Play Store

Karan Balwani

September 14, 2018 12:09 pm

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Google Removes Multiple Crypto Wallets From Play Store
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Google has removed three major crypto wallets from the Play Store. This move came as a surprise as the company did not make an official announcement before the removal of these cryptocurrency wallets. Notably, the search giant had recently removed cryptocurrency mining apps from its Play Store.

Roger Ver, CEO, is put blame on Google’s new policies on cryptocurrency mining. He further commented that Google’s Play Store policy flagged these wallets as crypto miners as a mistake.  Notably, Ver was forced to make changes to the blockchain explorer to clarity that Bitcoin Cash is not the real Bitcoin. The company has also received backlash for promoting Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin on its Bitcoin Wallet app.

Ver wrote

“Google told us that it was because they no longer allow cryptocurrency mining apps. I have no idea how they came under the impression that our wallet is a mining app.”

Within a time range of 12 hours, Bitcoin Wallet, CoPay and BitPay have been removed from the company’s mobile store. The odd thing about this news is that neither of these apps is related to cryptocurrency mining, they do not advertise any such features on their app description.

Google hasn’t provided any comments on this move, though it’s already known that Google’s policy does not include providing comments on individual cases. Ever since the incident, is the only app which has found its way back to the Play Store.

CoPay, Bitcoin Wallet and BitPay are highly similar, though BitPay offers additional functionality. Bitcoin Wallet has been installed by over one million users, while BitPay and CoPay have 100,000 downloads each. All three apps have built-in support for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Majority of developers share their code for digital wallets through GitHub. This makes the chances of a malicious cryptocurrency mining code minimal.

Despite good intentions, Google’s new policies pertaining to cryptocurrency and mining have not received favorable reviews from the general population and wallet providers. Even though Google claims that it has successfully removed all the mining apps from its store, there are several apps which are still available for users to download and mine cryptocurrencies. Other than smartphone mining, the company also removed a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining app from their store. Notably, this app had over one million users.

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