Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real

Nishanth Shetty

October 11, 2018 5:10 pm

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Google Ad Says Crypto Is Not Real | Coindelite News
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The search engine giant Google has finally revealed its opinion on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The company’s view on digital currencies was revealed through an ad for Google’s new Call Screen Service.

Google recently released an advertisement for its new Call Screen Service. This new feature allows users to identify the caller before answering the phone. The ad involves two characters who test out this new service. One of the characters receives two phone calls, the first one being a scam.

The second call comes from the electric company which warns the person about the high electricity bill. He is quick to blame that cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy. The second person in the ad sarcastically claims that cryptocurrencies are not real money. At this point, Google hints its feelings about digital currencies through the first person.

Reports call Google dumb. The reports say that Google thinks Warren Buffet is the CEO of Bitcoin. It is either him or Jamie Dimon or Roger Ver. All three characters popped up when searching for “CEO Bitcoin.”

The erroneous report went viral on Reddit. People started trolling Google for the fake results. Few claimed that if Jamie Dimon was the CEO of Bitcoin, why would he hate it? A Google spokesperson tried to explain the error through an email.

The spokesperson said:

“Entities in the Knowledge Graph and associations between them are automatically generated based on available information on the web. It’s not always perfect, and when we’re made aware of incorrect associations, we work to fix the error.”

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