Garbage Man in UK has started Accepting Bitcoin

Nishanth Shetty

December 26, 2017 5:57 am

Garbage Man in UK has started Accepting Bitcoin | Coindelite News
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For a commodity, bill or any other kind of financial instrument to be considered a true currency it should be accepted as such by all members of the society. A recent evidence that this is the state bitcoin is entering comes from the UK where a local garbageman is now welcoming payments in the cryptocurrency.

Intelligent Garbageman

Anyhow, a new story in the bitcoin trash news appears- a garbageman managing the cryptocurrency for payments. British refuse and recycling company, Business Waste LTD, has announced that it is the first in the nation to accept bitcoin. The York, England based operations are now open to payments in cryptocurrencies for its commercial waste contracts.

The company’s officials say:

“It is logical that British companies must jump into the 21st Century and process the payments in whatever form that is offered.”

Business Waste spokesperson Mark Hall said:

“Individuals and companies are trading in bitcoin and other virtual currencies all over the world. so, of course, we’re going to accept it from our customers.”

More than just a Trick?

The company says this is not the publicity trick, and this not even a form of taking the benefit of the current growth of bitcoin value, it is a logical business decision.

The company described:

“To us, it’s just another way to pay for our services. It’s just money, we’re also accepting Litecoin and Ethereum.”

The spokesperson told regarding if only tech companies would pay bitcoins:

“You’ll be amazed. Ordinary people are now both mining and trading virtual currencies, and they’re keen to use them to purchase goods and services. And we’re the first in this business sector in the world to accept them. So the answer is ‘every kind of company’. Bitcoin is mainstream now.”

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