Fortnite Players Facing Crypto Malware

Karan Balwani

October 8, 2018 12:42 pm

Crypto Hack

Fortnite Players Facing Crypto Malware
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Fortnite has gained a massive following in the past year. The game is available on all major platforms including Android, iOS, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

The popularity of this multi-platform game can be measured by the fact that it has earned $300 million since its launch on Apple’s iOS platform. In fact, it has already collected $20 million in the first week of October alone. This data was provided by SensorTower, the research firm.

The latest iteration of this incredibly popular game is called Season 6. It’s no surprise that hackers are exploiting the popularity of this game to fuel their hacking attempts. 

Based on the information provided by MalwareBytes, the game is being infected by Bitcoin and data-stealing malware which is targeting gamers. The distribution network of this malware is primarily being carried out through links in YouTube videos, offering add-ons for the game.

“First, we sifted through a sizable mish-mash of free season six passes, supposedly “free” Android versions of Fortnite, which were leaked out from under the developers’ noses, the ever-popular blast of “free V-Bucks” used to purchase additional content in the game, and a lot of bogus cheats, wallhacks and aim bots.” – MalwareBytes said in an official statement.

The malware appears to be a harmless file at first. It offers free game bonuses to the players such as “V-Bucks”, access to aim bots and cheats. The research team at MalwareBytes has identified the file as Trojan.Malpack. Once the file is downloaded by the user, it works in the background without notifying the user. It collects information about the user’s web browsing session, cookings, login and more. It also has the potential to transfer data from Bitcoin wallets and Steam gaming sessions.

As reported by Malwarebytes, the video that was distributing this malware has been viewed globally more than 120,000 by users before being removed from the site. It is not yet known the actual number of gamers who ended up downloading this file. They were hoping to get assistance with the game and instead their data got compromised.

This is not an isolated incident for Fornite. When the game initially launched on Android back in August, the file shared by the developers allowed hackers to push any malicious app to the devices. After a security update shared by Google, the developers started working on a fix for the issue.

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