Forbes To Publish Contents On A Blockchain

Nishanth Shetty

October 10, 2018 12:39 pm

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Forbes To Publish Contents On A Blockchain | Coindelite News
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The U.S. based business magazine ‘Forbes’ is the latest company to adapt blockchain technology. Forbes maintains a daily news web portal and prints bi-weekly magazines. The news agency has collaborated with a blockchain-based firm named Civil to transfer its content to a distributed ledger platform. Matt Coolidge, Co-founder, Civil announced the partnership with Forbes in a blog post.

The partnership aims to archive Forbes’ existing content on the platform. Forbes is looking forward to working with the startup to explore new methods of reader engagement.

Salah Zalatimo, Senior Vice President, Forbes said that the company is focusing on rapid experimentation and implementation. The firm is also concentrating on drawing in more audience.

Mr. Zalatimo stated that the collaboration between these two firms considers the mission of journalism. The partnership aims to provide audiences with a level of unprecedented transparency around their content. This move would also allow Forbes to expand the reach of its writers and identify new revenue channels over time.

The operation will begin by next year while Forbes starts publishing a few article’s metadata to a blockchain platform. The report stated that Forbes would be posting all article’s metadata to Civil’s platform. Forbes would also store the proof of an article’s existence on the platform.

Forbes writers can use blockchain publishing tools integrated with the Content Management System (CMS). This integration will help streamline the process of adding metadata. This metadata includes the author’s identity and information about sources within a section.

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