First Look – Bitcoin Diamond looks like a Scam, So be Alert!

Nishanth Shetty

Nishanth Shetty

December 4, 2017 8:23 am

First Look - Bitcoin Diamond looks like a Scam, So be Alert!
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Bitcoin Diamond First Look

Bitcoin Diamond is the previous forks (split) of the Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold). Bitcoin Diamond is already being considered as a scam with the huge red flags.

We will let you know what exactly this means,


Social Media:

Their Twitter Account was just registered in November 2017.



There is no slack, except for a link which does not even has any invites.



The Bitcoin Diamond Telegram group is created in November 2017. There is no activity except for jokes.



Website domain

The domain name was only registered on November 3rd anonymously.



Chinese exchange EXX.COM is probably behind this scam

If we see the Telegram account of Bitcoin Diamond, we could see the word “Welcome” which is written in Chinese. we can also observe the screenshot which is dated November 18 which shows that BCD was traded against the CNY before the snapshot date. The Telegram account also laughing at it as a big joke.

Observe the above Screenshot properly. is the first exchange which is mentioned on their website.

The EXX.COM announcement of BCD has more information than the actual website. Amazing, isn’t it? Refer the Link:

EXX.COM is a mysterious exchange based in Hong Kong. The Twitter account was created in January and has NEVER tweeted.

 Someone posted regarding the fork on Reddit:

“As it appears the exchange came online sometime in early November and then the Bitcoin Diamond fork happened November 24, 2017. It seems the exchange was made just for Bitcoin Diamond as a farce to get other exchanges and wallets to begin accepting it. Maybe as a way to give it some validity since so far it looks like it’s just an airdrop or fake fork.”


The team is anonymous

Refer this link to visit their website:

Source Code

There is no source code if you could inspect the website.

Not even a wallet support

Since there is no source code, hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor will not be supporting the Bitcoin Diamond.

Trezor is saying there is no code.

Ledger is also saying ‘No’ to Bueno.


Bitcoin Diamond only lists some shady wallets on their site and also mentioned more service is coming soon Well done scammers.


Bitgo Says that they don’t know who are these scammers.

What you can do stop this scam from spreading:

  • Share this article and refuse to use exchanges which are supporting this scam.
  • Ask exchanges not to support this scam.
  • Ask any exchange which is supporting this scam to remove it.
  • Stop anyone who is asking exchanges to add this scam.
  • There is no blockchain and code for Bitcoin Diamond. It is a scam designed to steal your Bitcoins. If you have Bitcoin Diamond sell them immediately. You are holding Bitcoin Blood Diamonds.
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