Ethereum Crossed all time new high $600

Nishanth Shetty

December 13, 2017 12:08 pm

Ethereum Crossed all time new high $600 | Coindelite News
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Ethereum News

Ethereum, which is considered as the second largest digital currency in the market capitalization, has topped the all-time new high by rushing beyond $650. The rush came to the market since UBS announced that they initiate the Ethereum-based blockchain technology along with the Barclay’s, Credit SuisseSwiss stock exchange SIX and also the Thomson Reuters. The initiative is designed to help the companies to obey the new European Union trade data standards that which can be utilized in 2018.

Ethereum’s growth has become potential for cryptocurrencies since the total market cap now exceeds $492. All of the top 22 digital currencies have experienced the gains today, most of them by double-digit percentages. What else, the Bitcoin is constantly growing upwards, altcoins are also not giving up their attempts. This is going to make the total market cap to the magical trillion dollar park.

Brilliant Highs

Etherum has been one of the top performers due to its establishment. drafting the huge returns that most of the digital currencies have posted. Ethereum was originally sold in a mid of 2014 Crowdsale for $0.30 per token, which works out about a 2000x return on the investment as of now and $1,000 invested in Ethereum’s ICO would be worth $2 million today.


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