Ethereum Co-Founder Says Ripple Is Not A Blockchain

Nishanth Shetty

August 18, 2018 6:21 pm

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Ethereum Co-Founder Says Ripple Is Not A Blockchain | Coindelite News
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Joseph Lubin, Co-founder, Ethereum recently had an interview with Bloomberg. He shared his views on Ripple while he was asked in the interview. He is the Co-founder of world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Mr. Lubin was questioned about the current cryptocurrency environment and the market. He was also asked about networks and protocols which are decentralized and secured.

Lubin stated that Ripple is not a Blockchain technology. It is a kind of payment system. He does not consider it as a competitor. He described that EOS is a slightly decentralized approach to build a Blockchain system.

He included:

“EOS is an interesting technology, but it’s incredibly dangerous to treat it as a layer-one technology.”

Recently, Ripple endorsed three cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitso, And Cory Johnson, Chief Markets Strategist Ripple, told that the company is appreciating all of its clients in the U.S., Mexico and the Philippines.

The firm is telling those countries to use these three crypto exchanges. The endorsement also includes provision for sending funds using its xRapid service.

Cory Johnson, Chief Markets Strategist Ripple, stated:

“So in the U.S., we’re saying the gold standard, our official partner is Bittrex. So any bank can go to Bittrex and have guaranteed liquidity on the spot, trade their dollars for XRP, zip over to Mexico to Bitso, our preferred partner there, and convert [to Mexican pesos].”

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