Eminem’s New Album Features Shout-Out for Bitcoin

Nishanth Shetty

September 1, 2018 12:38 pm

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Eminem's New Album Features Shout-Out for Bitcoin | Coindelite News
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Eminem, the American rapper, and actor, has spread awareness on Bitcoin by mentioning it in a song in his latest album named “Kamikaze.”

The track is dubbed as “Not Alike,” featuring fellow artist Royce Da 5’9’.

A line in the rap mentions:

“Remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin.”

The album was released on Thursday Midnight as a surprise by Eminem. The reports say that his last release named “Revival” was featured in December 2017.

Ellen DeGeneres, who hosts one of the famous chat-shows took a humorous stand on Bitcoin. She stated that “Everybody is talking about bitcoin. but, nobody understands it.”

Ellen stated:

“You’ll either be a millionaire, or you’ll be totally broke.”

The rap industry is helping cryptocurrencies in one or another way. Rapper 50 Cent accepted Bitcoin for his 2014 “Animal Ambition” album in January. This idea made him become a crypto millionaire.

In April 2018, Ripple announced an event to celebrate the company’s achievement. The event was also to increase the value of XRP token. Snoop Dogg, who is also an American rapper was invited to host the VIP gathering for the show.

Ripple collaborated with the American Singer Madonna to raise funds for orphans in Malawi.

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