Donald Trump’s Fake Twitter Account Stealing Cryptocurrencies

Karan Balwani

August 2, 2018 12:39 pm

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Donald Trump's Fake Twitter Account Stealing Cryptocurrencies
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Even though Donald Trump has made plenty of absurd comments over Twitter. This continued even when he was elected the President of the United States. Given his track record, its easy to believe that Trump would be offering Bitcoins to his readers, though this could not be more further than the truth.

There was a post from a verified user account claiming to be Donald J. Trump that tricked users into believing that Trump is offering free Bitcoins to his reader base.

Notably, back in July, scammers used Elon Musk’s moniker to scam users out of cryptocurrencies. Following this problem, Twitter took the step to auto-lock all accounts whose name was “Elon Musk”.

The giveaway scam said that Trump is giving away 5000 ETH and 500 BTC to all his readers. The link posted in this tweet directed the unsuspecting users to send cryptocurrencies to the scammer’s account. As of writing this news, the person received over 17 Bitcoins ($128,000).

The verified badge under the account name was skinned in a way that it looked like the Twitter’s official verified mark. Twitter has enforced an auto-lock mechanism to prevent more accounts to be created which use the President’s name.

What was interesting to note is that the L and P in the account’s name used characters from Latin and Cyrillic scrips which might have allowed the account to be created by Twitter.

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