Crypto Mining Attacks Increase in First Half of 2018

Nishanth Shetty

August 30, 2018 12:22 pm

Crypto Mining

Crypto Mining Attacks Increase in First Half of 2018 | Coindelite News
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IT security firm Trend Micro recently published a report on crypto mining attacks. The report stated that the number of crypto mining attacks has increased to 956 percent in the first half of 2018.

According to the research, there was more than 787,000 malicious cryptocurrency mining software, and the number has increased from 74,500 to 787,000. The cryptojacking programs have detected both legitimate mining tools and dedicated malware being misused.

The report further included that researchers also found 47 new crypto mining malware ‘families.’ New people who have started developing mining malware are called the new families.

The attackers are using organizations’ or individuals’ computers to mine cryptocurrencies. A huge number of companies globally have faced cryptojacking problems and encountered issues on their computers.

The report stated:

“From an enterprise point of view, the presence of unauthorized cryptocurrency miners in the network is a red flag not only for the affected individual user device but also for overall network security.”

According to the research, the greatest challenge is to find these criminals since they are less visible, more silent threats. Few of the cybersecurity firms around the world have become successful by tracking some of these cryptojacking miners. But the number of criminals are increasing each day.

Cryptojacking can damage the hardware and decrease the lifespan of the computers. This issue also continues towards slowing down the network performance of the computers in the long term.

The report included:

“Interestingly, these trends persisted even as the value of cryptocurrency itself declined throughout the first half of the year.”

In June 2018, Kaspersky released a report stating cybercriminals are moving from ransomware to cryptojacking as the preferred way of hacking computers.

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