Coca-Cola and US State Department to Utilize Blockchain Technology to Combat Forced labor

Garry Singh

March 17, 2018 11:44 am

Coca-Cola and US State Department to Utilize Blockchain Technology to Combat Forced labor | Coindelite News
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To fight Forced Labour, Coca-Cola, and US State Department to use Blockchain Technology

The beverage giant Coca-Cola is collaborating with US Department of State and three different organizations to launch a venture that uses Blockchain Technology to make a secure registry of workers around the world. As per International Labour Organization, about 25 million individuals work under compelled work conditions internationally, 47 percent of whom live in the Asia-Pacific region.

Beverage companies have confronted pressure from the controller to address the issue of compelled labor in nations where they get their sugarcane. A year ago, global supply-chain transparency organization Knowthechain released a study which demonstrates that most food and beverage companies neglected to address the issue of compelled labor adequately.

The new venture will use Blockchain’s acceptance and digital notary capabilities to create a safe registry for workers and their contracts.

Brent Wilton, Coca-Cola’s head of workplace rights, said:

“We are partnering with the pilot of this project to increase further transparency and efficiency of the verification process related to labor policies within our supply chain.”

Delegate Associate Secretary of the Branch of State communicated positive thinking about the undertaking, expressing that while the Blockchain can’t force organizations to regard contracts and execute ethical labor practices, it can make a chain of confirmation that will empower compliance.

The State Department said this is its first big venture concerning labor rights using the Blockchain. The government agency considers Blockchain as a useful tool in social improvement.

The US tech organization Bitfury Group will construct the Blockchain platform for the venture, while Emercoin will likewise provide blockchain services.