CBOE launched Bitcoin Futures and the Site Crashed Immediately

Nishanth Shetty

December 11, 2017 10:04 am

CBOE launched Bitcoin Futures and the Site Crashed Immediately | Coindelite News
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In a vindication of cryptocurrency exchanges which have had their share of growing pains this year, CBOE launched Bitcoin futures trading at 5 PM Central time and their website went down within minutes. CBOE has confirmed that the slowness (and 404 errors) users are receiving are due to much higher than normal traffic.

In the justification of cryptocurrency exchanges with the growing pain rate this year, CBOE launched Bitcoin Future at 5 PM Central and their website collapsed within minutes. The slow (and 404 errors) users received as the CBOE confirms the higher the normal traffic as:

Since the beginning of the year, digital currency adoption and price appreciation have come out of the list, resulting in all major exchanges facing their slow and crash. After Wall Street is involved, many have predicted that they will exploit conventional Bitcoin reinforcements with potentially capable (and used) robust servers capable of managing traffic. Apparently, even mainstream Wall Street firms are having trouble dealing with Bitcoin demand.

Still volatile

Bitcoin price is always volatile, as it faces the future’s start. Within a few minutes opening futures markets, the price has risen by more than $ 1,000 to less than half. During the press, the price has come back.

It’s hard to say how “emotion” is accurate, but most of the people were staying on /r/BitcoinMarkets subreddit until the start of future markets. In recent weeks, the start of regulated futures trading makes it easier for corporate investors to reduce currency, there is a greater fear that prices can be reduced. Now, by determining the price order, the fear seems to be less declined, but traders are terrified.

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