Canaan Inc & Blockchain Firm Northern Data announced a partnership


February 19, 2020 7:18 pm

Canaan Inc & Blockchain Firm Northern Data announced partnership
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One of the biggest blockchain solutions and datacenter providers in the world and Canaan Inc, the leading blockchain technology firms in the world have signed a strategic partnership in the sectors of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, Blockchain Technology and Datacenter operations.

Per a press release, on Feb.19, the two major players Northern Data and Canaan Inc will collaborate their technological and operational accomplishments.

Merging Canaan’s excellence in the fields of AI Chip development and ASIC hardware with Northern Data’s proven track record at producing A class Datacenter and Blockchain infrastructure at scale will give both the companies to develop and grow together to new altitudes.

“We can unlock massive potential in some of the fastest-growing industries with this strategic cooperation and Canaan is a technical leader in AI and Blockchain Technology and showed impressive growth over the past few years. We are very excited about our partnership and see a huge upside for both companies.”

-Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data

“Northern Data has rich experience in building high-performance computing infrastructure, and our research and development (R&D) team are collaborating with Northern Data. Both sides have achieved positive results. Additionally, Northern Data will provide computational resources support for our overseas R&D in the US. Canaan looks forward to advancing cooperation in product development, AI, and high-performance computing with Northern Data in the future.”
-says NG Zhang CEO of Canaan

About the two Tech giants:

Canaan is a leading supercomputing solution provider through its proprietary high-performance computing ASICs, also claims that from 2017 through to September 2019, it generated over 150 million ASICs. It is additionally a pioneer of the Bitcoin-tailored 7 nanometer chip and was recently listed on NASDAQ. It is the first China-based AI chip manufacturer with self-governing intellectual property to successfully hover an initial public offering in the U.S. 

Northern Data AG is building a global infrastructure for the field of High-Performance Computing (HPC), which goes far ahead of Bitcoin and blockchain applications. The HPC data centre infrastructure built by Northern Data Group is designed to be used not only for blockchain applications but also for numerous other industries, such as game streaming, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving.

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