Blockchain ICO for Telemedicine : Carna Life

Karan Balwani

December 28, 2018 3:21 pm

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Blockchain ICO for Telemedicine : Carna Life
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We introduced our readers to Carna Life, an upcoming blockchain ICO that combines healthcare AI to form a telemedicine system.

Let us begin by understanding about telemedicine systems. Telemedicine is the fastest growing branch of medical science which utilizes information technology and telecommunication to provide remote health care. 

As our technology continues to progress towards portability, we are bound to see an increasing number of projects in healthcare blockchain. There are millions of people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water or proper healthcare services. This makes Carna Life’s project even more important. 

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Imagine this, you go to a clinic for your medical tests and all your medical data is provided to you on your smartphone through an app. In case of serious diseases, you may use this data to gain a second opinion from a specialist located on the other side of the world. The app can also predict the onset of future diseases based on your family history and current level of fitness. This is what Carna Life’s healthcare ICO is all about.

There is an important need in the market for healthcare AI projects as we have seen that diseases are evolving to become more lethal and infective. The public healthcare industry is projected to grow up to $300 billion by 2020. It’s not just about capturing the market, but it’s important that we move towards a world free from civilization diseases. This will ensure that your offsprings are healthier and our world becomes a better place.

Carna Life’s apps are infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) as core technologies which can revolutionize the way doctors treat patients. By employing a computer program with the ability to learn and recognize patterns, it helps in the diagnosis of existing diseases and future ailments with a level of accuracy that can surpass even the greatest minds in medical science. Additionally, Carna Life’s partnership with Microsoft has paved the way for HoloLens, a technology that allows doctors and surgeons to view a patient’s organ in 3D to better plan the mode of treatment.

Carna Life wants people to be healthier, save lives while also offering investors and users a great platform to grow their wealth. Carna Life is rapidly being displayed on various ICO listing sites and can easily be dubbed as one of the best ICO in 2018.

Healthcare Blockchain: The perfect solution

Blockchain in healthcare offers an amazing opportunity to employ the incorruptible nature of the technology for storing patient records, medical reports and related data in a secure form.

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